Puppy Care

Keep your puppy in good health from the very beginning. Have them vaccinated and dewormed every 3-4 weeks from weaning until they are 4 months of age. At 8 weeks, have them examined and dewormed for hookworms and roundworms. At 12 weeks, continue to deworm them and have them vaccinated with a combination booster. At 16 weeks, vaccinate them with a rabies vaccination and combination vaccination booster with leptospirosis. This is also the time to start monthly heartworm and intestinal worm prevention. Show your beloved puppy all your love. Call today!

Adult and Senior Dog Care

Ensure your adult dog is in good health with an annual check- up. This can help to identify any diseases or illness before they become widespread. In the case of your senior dog, make sure you’re caring for it properly with the following:

  • Routine Geriatric Blood work Panel
  • Special Diets
  • Radiology Appointments and Exams
  • Regular Dental Care Maintenance and Check- ups