Dr. Hall

Dr. Hall has owned Blount Veterinary Clinic since 1991. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980 and has nearly 30 years of experience as a veterinarian, primarily in small animal medicine and surgery.

Dr. Patricia Walker

Dr. Walker is a part-time vet and works in the clinic Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Jessi has worked as a veterinary technician/assistant for 7 years and has been at Blount Veterinary Clinic for almost 4 years. She participates in all aspects of animal care at BVC.

Aleah Bolinger

Aleah started out working in the veterinary field as a receptionist in 2000. She worked her way through school to become a licensed technician in California before moving back to Tennessee. While working in California Aleah had the privilege of working with tigers, reindeer, . She has been at Blount Veterinary Clinic since 2016, though only recently full time. She has also worked at Midland Pet Emergency Center since 2013.

Joyce Best

Joyce is the receptionist at Blount Veterinary Clinic and has been working in veterinary clinics since 1995. She has been here since June of 2017. Joyce in born and raised in Blount County. She is married with 2 children, whom have blessed her with 4 grandchildren. Spending her days off in the mountains and Cades Cove and being with her grandchildren are things she enjoys most. Although not a current pet parent she loves seeing and working with them on a daily basis.

Molly VanCuren

Molly has been working at Blount Veterinary Clinic since March of 2017. However, with her busy schedule she in only with us on occasion. Being a student at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Animal Science as well has her many other commitments doesn’t allow her to work with us much. As well as studying and going to class, Molly is a member of a running club, yoga club, and environmental club. She also is a member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and takes time to volunteer at the animal shelter and Knox Area Rescue Ministries.

Monica Lee

Monica started working at Blount Veterinary Clinic in March 2017. She is with us only part time, since she is enrolled in school at The University of Tennessee, majoring in Animal Science and minoring in Business Administration. Monica has worked as an intern on the UT dairy farm in summer of 2016, a vet assistant for UT small animal hospital in fall of 2016, a student assistant in histopathology in March 2017, an intern at a wildlife sanctuary in Maine, summer 2017 and is currently an intern at the Knoxville Zoo. She started out working as a kennel attendant her senior year of high school. A perfectionist at all things, she will push herself to achieve her goals no matter the obstacle.