Dr. Patricia Walker

Dr. Walker is a part-time vet and works in the clinic Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Dr. Erin Sterling

Dr. Sterling embarked on her veterinary journey in 2013 and has since been actively involved in the veterinary field, honing her skills and developing a profound understanding of animal care. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from the renowned University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, where she laid the foundation for her future in veterinary medicine. Driven by her unwavering dedication to her craft, Dr. Sterling went on to achieve her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Louisiana State University SVM.

Dr. Sterling takes pride in fostering open lines of communication and actively involving pet owners in their furry companions’ care. Dr. Sterling believes a collaborative approach between veterinary professionals and pet owners leads to the development of tailored medical plans that address each pet’s unique wants and needs.

In her free time, she enjoys tennis and exploring the beauty of nature through hikes with her husband. Additionally, she cherishes the quiet moments with a captivating book and the laughter-filled evenings of game nights spent with friends.

We are confident that Dr. Sterling’s expertise, passion for client communication, and commitment to delivering exceptional veterinary care will greatly benefit both our clinic and our valued clients. Her presence will further enhance our ability to provide top-notch healthcare services to your beloved pets.

Dr. Kelsey Wilson!

With 8 years of industry experience and a passion for cultivating strong client relationships, Dr. Wilson brings knowledge and expertise to our clinic.

Dr. Wilson pursued her education at the esteemed University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, where she acquired a comprehensive understanding of veterinary medicine and honed her skills to deliver exceptional care to her patients. Throughout her years of practice, Dr. Wilson has prided herself on building deep connections with her clients, allowing her to truly understand the unique needs of both pets and their owners.

Dr. Wilson values the opportunity to grow and learn alongside her clients, providing continuity of care and being there for pets and owners at every step. The trust, bond, and relationship she develops with her clients are paramount to her.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dr. Wilson enjoys exploring the world through travel, immersing herself in the beauty of nature through hiking, and finding solace in the pages of captivating books. She is an avid enthusiast of plants, appreciating the natural beauty and serenity they bring.

We are confident that Dr. Wilson’s dedication to fostering client relationships and passion for providing exceptional veterinary care will greatly benefit our clinic and our valued clients. Her commitment to understanding the needs of both pets and their owners will ensure that your furry companions receive the highest standard of care and attention.


Jessi has worked as a veterinary technician/assistant for 7 years and has been at Blount Veterinary Clinic for almost 4 years. She participates in all aspects of animal care at BVC.

Monica Lee

Monica started working at Blount Veterinary Clinic in March 2017. She is with us only part time, since she is enrolled in school at The University of Tennessee, majoring in Animal Science and minoring in Business Administration. Monica has worked as an intern on the UT dairy farm in summer of 2016, a vet assistant for UT small animal hospital in fall of 2016, a student assistant in histopathology in March 2017, an intern at a wildlife sanctuary in Maine, summer 2017 and is currently an intern at the Knoxville Zoo. She started out working as a kennel attendant her senior year of high school. A perfectionist at all things, she will push herself to achieve her goals no matter the obstacle.